I have been drawing my whole life, from sitting in front of the TV drawing Sesame Street characters to wedding portraits to published works for the Kenosha News. Below you'll find everything that isn't my comics and cartoons... and maybe a few things that still are. You'll also find my VertArt - a style I perfected in high school where I create images using only lines. Sadly, you can achieve this effect on freakin' computers now. For those of you who think I might've done just that, bite me.

Day by Day...

I've been doing my best to regain my technique, and here are some of my greater attempts. Spider-Man is actually a pretty good representation of how I saw color in my first weeks after the hospital. Colors were very vibrant and made things very blurry is the best I can describe it. I still have difficulty making out details on things, but I've gotten better at it; the colors still pop. So, though I can't do the fine line work I could do before, it has given me a better appreciation of colors as well as a further jealousy for those who paint.

This figure is Isla Fisher. I do not have the control over the lines as I used to, but this compared to a "John Locke" I failed at back in November, this is a good piece, and encouraging to me.

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