I have been drawing my whole life, from sitting in front of the TV drawing Sesame Street characters to wedding portraits to published works for the Kenosha News. Below you'll find everything that isn't my comics and cartoons... and maybe a few things that still are. You'll also find my VertArt - a style I perfected in high school where I create images using only lines. Sadly, you can achieve this effect on freakin' computers now. For those of you who think I might've done just that, bite me.

Poker Face

A long time fan of tcomics and a good friend of mine Fionn commissioned me to bring his brother Adam and his wife Tanya into the cartoon universe for Adam's birthday.
This is hand drawn in pencil and Sharpie and digitally colored.

the Princess Knight

Here is a the poster for my original musical "The Princess Knight". I can't say when exactly, but it is coming to the stage soon. Keep your eye out for more info. Until then, enjoy this piece of art.

pencil, black uni-ball, colored digitally

Kimono Candy

graphite, uni-ball, colored on photoshop


Drawn in #2 pencil on 11"x8.5" using photo reference

The Ninja Leprechauns Kickball Team

I was commissioned to draw this interesting mascot for a kickball team. I think it turned out nicely. Mean and silly at the same time.

Birthday Drawing

Candy and I teamed up for this picture for our friend Travis. We drew it at a table at Dave and Busters and then colored it later.

Facebook Avatars

Here are some cartoons I did for some friends' facebook pages. Candy and Cartoon T.C. was an idea from Candy. After she posted it as her profile pic, Marco wanted one as well. He being a radio DJ and a rockabilly fan, I thought the more classic looking mic was a better fit. If you're looking for an avatar of your own, drop me a line.

Dominiac Monaghan as "Charlie Pace"

Apologies for the fuzzy picture, but I've decided snapshots taken directly from my sketchbook help prevent the accusation that my art is done on the computer.

This is the last ink piece I completed before getting hurt. I had intended to give it to a friend, but said friend did not remain as such. For the best. It is Charlie Pace from Lost. I really like this piece, and it is my destination in my journey back...

Day by Day...

I've been doing my best to regain my technique, and here are some of my greater attempts. Spider-Man is actually a pretty good representation of how I saw color in my first weeks after the hospital. Colors were very vibrant and made things very blurry is the best I can describe it. I still have difficulty making out details on things, but I've gotten better at it; the colors still pop. So, though I can't do the fine line work I could do before, it has given me a better appreciation of colors as well as a further jealousy for those who paint.

This figure is Isla Fisher. I do not have the control over the lines as I used to, but this compared to a "John Locke" I failed at back in November, this is a good piece, and encouraging to me.


I Want Candy

I did this piece for my very good friend for her birthday. One of the last pieces I did before having to shelf the pens for a bit... Kinda glad Lady Gaga wasn't my last...


I am so flattered to be able to put this up. Here is a piece of fan art from Candace. It's T.C. Pan! How cool is this, huh? Thank you to Candy! I love it!