I have been drawing my whole life, from sitting in front of the TV drawing Sesame Street characters to wedding portraits to published works for the Kenosha News. Below you'll find everything that isn't my comics and cartoons... and maybe a few things that still are. You'll also find my VertArt - a style I perfected in high school where I create images using only lines. Sadly, you can achieve this effect on freakin' computers now. For those of you who think I might've done just that, bite me.

Fan Art!

a tcomics handkerchief sewn for me by the wonderful Jazmine for my 30th. How cool is that!


Drawn in Sharpie Pen and colored in Photoshop for Whitney Millard

The Seven Year Wish

Here is the poster for our 2011 48 Hour Film Festival. You can see the film HERE, if you haven't yet.


Drawn while crossing the desert on the way to Austin.

The Co-Host 3000.1 Beta Unit Prototype

A design for the animated movie critic over at Spill.com.
I will be performing stand-up this coming Friday at Spill Dot Con in Austin, Texas.

St. Mary Knight

This is the one they went with. HE sort of reminds me of Don Quixote

Here are some designs for my old elementary school. They got a hold of me to come up with a knight for t-shirts to have during Catholic Schools Week.

Preying Mantis

Andy asked me if I could find some time to come up with some designs for his guild for online gaming, the Preying Mantis. I couple hours later - BAM! Here are my favorites, which may find their way onto the Preying Mantis website soon. The last one's my favorite.


Claire is a very cool little girl who is a student of my Aunt's. She has recently had a kidney transplant. Everything has gone wonderfully. This drawing is for her in hopes that she'll recover quickly. Claire loves horses and pink.