I have been drawing my whole life, from sitting in front of the TV drawing Sesame Street characters to wedding portraits to published works for the Kenosha News. Below you'll find everything that isn't my comics and cartoons... and maybe a few things that still are. You'll also find my VertArt - a style I perfected in high school where I create images using only lines. Sadly, you can achieve this effect on freakin' computers now. For those of you who think I might've done just that, bite me.

Vert Art

In high school AP art, I was supposed to come up with a concentration, but my teacher continued to shoot down my ideas like: Comic Book Superheroes and Cartoons. During a life drawing lesson, I did this horizontal line-only technique. Ms. Miller was very fascinated by the style and asked if I could do a series doing the line art. What came was instant inspiration. I did dozens of pieces in what I came to call Vert-Art. My portfolio cup suddenly floweth over. Since then, I've developed the technique and perfected it. Sadly, photoshop has a filter option that can do just this, and sadly I have been accused of using that. Believe what you will. I'll draw one in front of you if need be. What follows in this post are several pieces that I sold at Chicago Wizard World and raised the mulla I needed to move to California. The ones that were the hot items were the Heroes characters, Tricia Helfer, and Superman.

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